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I’m Dru – a coffee drinking, English teaching, children’s book writing, dog loving, mother of two middle schoolers. I have my M.Ed. in secondary English and absolutely LOVE creating ELA resources. If you haven’t already, check out The Savage Mug on Teachers Pay Teachers, or follow along on Instagram. I believe we can transform the future through increased literacy and positive communication. Join me in making an impact one word at a time.

Are You Teaching in 2020?

I keep seeing posts about not buying a 2020 planner, and a good one yesterday was, “I’m not buying a 2021 planner until I see the trailer.” I thought that was hilarious, but so true. Then I thought about it as I looked through my 2020 planner, collecting dust on my desk. There are still… Continue reading Are You Teaching in 2020?

This is it! The Big Sale is Here!

I’ve always loved the first few days back at school. I still remember how excited I felt picking out my “first day of school” outfit, shopping for shoes… The butterflies that first morning… Now, as a parent of two middle schoolers, I get to experience those feelings with my own kids. And as a teacher… Continue reading This is it! The Big Sale is Here!

Distance Learning… Again?

Are you staring down the barren hallway of another school year (or semester) spent distance teaching? If we try to look on the bright side, at least this time we’ve had a little chance to prepare – sort of. I remember way, waaaay back in April thinking our extended spring break felt like it would… Continue reading Distance Learning… Again?

The Monkey’s Paw

Looking to introduce your students to the genre of horror this year? W. W. Jacobs’ “The Monkey’s Paw” is fantastic intro to this genre. This story includes a number of literary devices, easy to follow story structure, and just the right amount of suspense. The complete, ready-to-go lesson is available in my Teachers Pay Teachers… Continue reading The Monkey’s Paw

The Storyline of a New Decade

Feminism and the rise of comic books have been butting rhetorical heads for over half a century, but perhaps circumstances have finally turned a corner. Is it possible storylines have transitioned from super-sexism to superheroes? Is the overwhelming flood of these CGI-enhanced pop culture icons substantially helping or infallibly hurting the modern rhetoric of gender… Continue reading The Storyline of a New Decade

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