Coffee Like a Rockstar!

A French press is not only an excellent way to brew a cup of coffee, it is also beautiful. Dating all the way back to 1852, when the first design was patented, it actually did not directly resemble what we consider a “French press” today. The device we think of was actually patented in 1929! But before the French Press, people used what was called a drip coffee pot. Actually, even Starbucks still uses this method. A real tried-and-true brewing method.

“In about 1800 Jean Baptiste de Belloy, Archbishop of Paris, invented the first drip coffee pot. This French drip pot had two parts, the ground coffee was placed in the upper container which was then stacked on top of an empty lower container with a cloth filter placed in between. Then hot (not boiling) water was poured over the grounds in the upper pot and the coffee would slowly drip through the cloth filter into the lower chamber from which it was then served”.

Though I’ve had French press coffee many times, I’ve never owned one. I recently bought one though (after getting kind of fed up with my Keurig) and absolutely love it. While nothing beats a Keurig for speed and simplicity, the French press has an elegance to it that makes me feel like an adult. Maybe that’s silly, but #SorryNotSorry, it’s the truth.

There are times (many many times) when I am racing out the door, kids in tow, dogs being ridiculous and just want to throw some coffee in a cup and go. Thank you Keurig for making that possible! But, other (far fewer) times I am home working and have the luxury of taking my time making a cup of coffee. That’s when I savor the peacefulness that is the French press. It’s silent. It makes as much as I want it to. And while it brews for the few minutes, I browse Pinterest or Instagram and just enjoy a couple of minutes of quiet. It’s beautiful. It’s my time. And for that reason, I truly love it.

Certain people (my hubby) seem to think I need to “cut back” on my coffee intake… Ha! Right…. However, I have noticed that with the French press, I don’t crave cup after cup after cup like I do with Keurig coffee. I know that french press coffee is 1,374 times stronger than what the Keurig brews, but goodness. I used to say that I “chain drink” my coffee, but if I did that with the French press, I’m pretty sure I’d die.

So, while both methods have their benefits, I’m happy as long as I get to hold that warm mug in my hands on cold days while I work. More than the coffee itself, I think I crave the mood or the ritual it is part of.

Do you have a coffee ritual? A preferred method of brewing?

This is a generic picture, but my French press looks exactly like this. I really truly love it! It is a high quality product that arrived quickly.

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