Sandal Season is Upon Us – Don’t Hate

Okay, so I know I’m not as cool as Jessica Alba, or Kate Hudson… But you don’t have to be a celebrity to sport sandals, do you?

The season for exposed toes is here. Now, I was born and raised in southern California. I LIVED in sandals. We spent our summers (and pretty much all year) at the beach or in parks running in the grass. Heck, half the time I went barefoot. But these days, I’m experiencing some serious sandal-hate from people. Granted, we are in Wyoming at the moment, but what should that have to do with it? When I bust out my flip-flops (like these epic ones from Under Armor) I always make sure my toes are looking their best, nails painted properly, everything trimmed and clean.

So why the hate?

I’m a mom with a hubby that’s gone a lot. I am pulling the weight of two parents, so I choose the simpler things as much as I can to ease the amount of stress and work on me. Sandals are simple. I like simple. When I’m in a rush, I’m not going to take the time to do boots because then I have to make sure everything matches but the kids aren’t ready, and the dogs are running everywhere… And now we’re late. Sandals take one more thing off my overcrowded plate and I don’t think I should feel bad about that.

Yet, when I go to pick my daughter up from church, or swing by the grocery store to grab milk really quick I’ll run into a mom I know and she’ll say, “Sandals huh?”

– You’re damn right sandals. –

Maybe it’s her tone. Maybe its some deep, underlying issue I have – who knows. All I know is that this subtle comment could easily chip away at a fragile person’s confidence. Being both parents most of the time, without family nearby to help out, and a tight monthly budget – I have good days and bad. If this comment came at one of my more stressed moments, who knows, I might crack. I might lash out (which would be kinda fun if I’m being honest) or I might erupt into tears (depending on the day). Either way, was the comment really necessary?

I’m a pretty relaxed person though, so I laugh it off so as not to cause a scene by saying what’s really on my mind in the moment. I also remind myself that my kids are (by far) more well adjusted, better behaved, and more mature than this lady’s kids. Maybe because I don’t judge their choices? Maybe because I focus more on them than what I put on my feet… Just saying. It’s possible.

Either way – comment or no comment – I will wear sandals to my grave and I don’t care who has a problem with that. Their my damn feet and I’ll do what I like.

Have you ever experienced anything like this? Do you have a great shoe/sandal/footwear story to tell? Please share! I’d love to know I’m not the lone crazy person.

P.S. – Though there are links in this post, nothing here is sponsored. I am just sharing things I enjoy. I’m happy to participate in sponsored posts, just email me.


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