Can we talk soap for a minute? With all of the hand washing lately, it’s become more important than ever to use a gentle yet cleansing soap. In my case this is especially true. I get severe eczema and skin that dries out so bad it will crack and bleed. Washing dishes only adds to this. The generic Costco soaps, and soaps like Dove and Palmolive are harsh and absolutely destroy my skin. Recently though, I discovered Seventh Generation products.

This is not a sponsored post in any way. It is just my honest experience. This company has managed to create products, especially their hand soaps and dish soaps, that are sensitive to my type of skin. To me, this is a miracle after dreading the winter months when my hands will crack and hurt. This year they are baby soft!

On top of being the perfect soap for me – this company is on a mission!

As a parent and teacher, I watch our future generations grow daily. I watch when they struggle, when they make choices, how they react… I witness all of it. These days especially, I think about what tomorrow will bring for them. Will they get the opportunities I got? Will their children? With companies like Seventh Generation working diligently to foster a positive impact on generations to come, I can only hope that I am even a fraction of helping make that happen.

Though I’m not always able to use products that are as forward thinking as Seventh Generation, I do my best to try. Isn’t that all we can ask? If everyone just put forth the effort to make small differences, that would add up to huge changes.

Join me, and all the companies out there like Seventh Generation, in making the future a better place for our children.

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