What Are You Reading?

I get a lot of emails (I never read) about everything from updates to accounts I never use anymore, to recipes I “must” try, to Pinterest updates and everything in between. One email I actually look forward to though is the Indie Next List.

As we all face the weeks ahead, quarantined in our homes… with our little darlings… we are going look for ways to incorporate quiet activities into our days. One of the best quiet activities on Earth is reading.

Yes! Reading! Woo-Hoo!

I LOVE reading! I wish I had more time to read – oh wait… Now I do! Instead of spending the better part of the day driving everyone all over the place, I can use that time to read! Yay for quarantine! (I don’t mean any disrespect to folks out there.)

At the moment, I am giving “cozy” mysteries a shot. I usually go for YA stuff like Maze Runner or 5th Wave. I also love the Longmire series, anything by James Patterson, and all the crime stories I can get my eyes on. I’m not embarrassed to admit I’ll still read an R. L. Stein book too. There are other books I love, like Spilled Milk, that I read once and feel tormented by forever after, but sincerely loved the experience. (Spilled Milk made me cry, made me angry, sad… All the feels. It is a gut wrenching story that was beautifully written.)

I love that each book has its time and place. When I know I can’t commit too much emotion or time to a story, I’ll choose things like cozy mysteries. When I know I can devote a little more thought and energy to a story, I’ll dive into a series I know I’ll love.

One way I stay apprised of books to read is by following the Indie Next lists. Their list for kids is just as amazingly curated as all of the others. Over the next few weeks, work with your kids to read as much as possible. Help them build their profile on Goodreads, share in challenges, even have virtual book clubs with their friends.

It helps if they see you reading too. One thing we are incorporating into our schedule is an hour a day where we all sit and read. The kids might have a cocoa, I’ll have a savage mug of coffee in hand, and we’ll all read. I am so grateful to be able to bring this into our daily lives and I plan on continuing it long after Coronavirus passes.

What are you reading?

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