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Coping with the School Year from …


If you’re like me, these have not been the easiest few months. With two middle schoolers suddenly schooling from home, while I am earning my Masters from home, and while hubby is working from home is a recipe for all kinds of not fun.

I decided to visit my elderly father a few states away in early May. (He lives alone and his health is going downhill, quarantine was really starting to get to him.) I was gone for one week. In that time, the kid’s grades plummeted, they were put on the summer school list, and they were at each other’s throats. So I have spent the past two weeks getting them back on track and am SO thankful they are FINALLY off the summer school list. Whew!

That being said, the past few weeks almost broke me. Honestly. I start student teaching in the fall. If the kids aren’t allowed back in school by then (which also means my student teaching will be affected) I’ll go insane and I’ll take everyone with me.

I cope by doing what I love – writing. I’ve written over thirteen chapters of a cozy mystery that (I think) is going really well. I might be biased, but I think I have a winner on my hands. Romance, murder, hot college professors that are ex-cops… Oh yeah! It’s my goal to publish it as an e-book by the end of summer. Feel free to email me if you want to read an unedited chapter for free. I’d love the feedback. I’ve never written a cozy mystery before. My previous book, a hardcover children’s book with three beach dwelling pigs, sold well at fairs and in-person, but has struggled on Amazon. Hopefully this PG-13 e-book does better.

My other coping tool is reading (and coffee of course). I’m hooked, absolutely hooked on Gemma Halliday’s cozy mystery series. So far, my favorite is the first book. It truly inspired me to write my way through the hell of quarantining. Her story is really inspiring too. Upon finishing the first book, I immediately bought the box set and am reading my way to sanity, one sultry mystery at a time. I’m on book three at the moment. Book two was good, but I still love #1 the most. I wish her all the success in the world.

How do you cope with this upside down world we’re living in these days? How are your kids coping? My daughter, the ever social butterfly, meets with her friends (only just recently, I promise) to hang out at the now very empty park. My son, the eternal introvert, has regular Hangouts calls with his friends. They seem to be doing okay, though I don’t think we’ll ever really comprehend the magnitude of this until it’s over. Just like we don’t realize how hot we are until we’re somewhere cool.

Best of luck this summer! Have wonderful adventures (at a distance) and share positive messages with others – you never know how much they may need it. They may not even realize just how much they need it.

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