Are You Teaching in 2020?

I keep seeing posts about not buying a 2020 planner, and a good one yesterday was, “I’m not buying a 2021 planner until I see the trailer.” I thought that was hilarious, but so true.

Then I thought about it as I looked through my 2020 planner, collecting dust on my desk. There are still a lot of pages left in this year that aren’t decided yet. They are blank and eager for content. This reminded me that the future is not set in stone. It is whatever we make it to be.

I know watching the news is getting harder and harder to do. It’s like watching the prequel of a post apocalyptic movie that we’re actually living. Each day feels more overwhelming than the last. At the same time, if we can wether this, we can wether ANYTHING. And I mean anything. We’ve survived world wars, terror attacks, and soon we’ll have survived a pandemic.

I just thought I’d share this reminder that today is just one moment out of many. Take life one step at a time right now. Don’t ask too much of yourself or others. More than ever, people are carrying burdens others cannot see.

Take a moment today to ask someone if they need something. Take a moment for yourself. Take a breath and keep moving forward. ❤️

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