Where has all the freedom gone?

Without getting political in a decidedly heated political time, I have to wonder where free speech and the freedom of individual thought has gone. It seems there’s an active witch hunt among Americans these days that aims to stifle our individuality. Frankly I’m a little scared.

It is no one’s business who another person votes for or why they attend or don’t attend a fundraiser. This attack on our freedoms is painfully similar to a recent unit I’ve been teaching my 11th graders – The Crucible by Arthur Miller. The similarities are uncanny.

If this “witch hunt” continues it could likely erupt into full-blown Mccarthyism all over again. People will be blacklisted for supporting Trump, others will face unjust prejudice and scrutiny. It’s hysteria at its infant stage. We need to nip this thing before it turns into a pissed off teenager and we can’t control it. I’m reminded of the courtroom in Salem under Judges Hathorne and Danforth… Bias is still bias no matter how “right” one side thinks it is. Hawthorne and Danforth thought they were right. Yet, today, the Witch Trials are a disgraceful blemish on Massachusetts history.

Do we really want to help history repeat itself? Don’t we have enough other problems like making sure our students are able to attend school? Or have three meals a day? I’ll end by saying what I say to my students when they are off task – let’s take a breath and refocus.

Below is the news article I happened across that really spurred this post.

Why are people calling for Chris Pratt to be canceled? – Deseret News


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