Earth Day Mini Book

One of my favorite things about when my kids were in elementary school was when they’d bring home little books they made in class. Sometimes there would be things “glued on” that fell off with the slightest jiggle. Other times I wouldn’t be able to read what they wrote. But I still loved everything they made. I remember one book was a journal of maybe four half-size pages. They wrote down observations as they did a little walking trip around the perimeter of the school. Such a simple activity is so impactful for a child. In that short activity they got exercise, looked around at their world instead of just passing by it everyday, they made connections, and articulated those connections, then wrapped all of that up in a little keepsake I’ll cherish forever.

Create your own mini or full size Earth Day book! This activity is a meaningful way for students to acknowledge the earth and everything it does for us.

– Write thank you letters the the Earth.

– Pledge your goals to make the earth a better place.

– Tell the earth your three favorite things about it.

– Brainstorm ways you can reduce, reuse, and recycle.

There are 28 pages.

– 1 page of suggested activities

– 2 pages with multiple samples on each

– 9 full size pages (These are TpT Digital Activity ready!)

– 12 mini book pages (These have cut lines and can easily be printed double-sided)

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