I always struggle when it comes to writing about myself… But here goes!

I’m a mom of two middle schoolers. My 6th grader is a die hard artist. She loves animals and everything Minecraft. My 7th grader is a hardcore LEGO addict who is passionate about being an actor one day. And me? I’m Mom, chauffeur, chef, boo-boo kisser, homework-helper, mentor, and friend among other things.

Right now I am completing my M.Ed. in Secondary English. I’ve taught for years in just about every setting out there. Now I’m making it official with a teaching credential. Woo-hoo!

I love working with kids of all ages. The younger ones have so much love and imagination to share. The older ones can participate in deep, meaningful close readings. It was a challenge deciding what age group to focus my credentials on. I’m so happy I chose this path though.

It is my belief we can change the world through increased literacy and positive communication. If you share that sentiment, you might want to check out my Teachers Pay Teachers shop, The Savage Mug. The resources there are not just for credentialed teachers… They are for parents who want to share education with their children, educators that know the value of consistent exposure to the written word, for anyone that wants to learn and grow.

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