Earth Day Mini Book

One of my favorite things about when my kids were in elementary school was when they’d bring home little books they made in class. Sometimes there would be things “glued on” that fell off with the slightest jiggle. Other times I wouldn’t be able to read what they wrote. But I still loved everything they … Continue reading Earth Day Mini Book

Poetry Mini Book Activity

Oh goodness… I wish I was in school so my teacher could assign this project to me! A mini poetry book?! Yes. A mini poetry book. This activity is complete with a printable template, various interior pages, and front and back covers. Write a haiku, a sonnet… No matter what grade or ability level you … Continue reading Poetry Mini Book Activity

Heart-tastic Slideshow Template

I don’t know about you, but I’m excited about Valentine’s Day next month. Usually it’s not really my thing, but this year I’m ready. You might even say I’ve gotten carried away… Not only does this template have ninety-one slides (yes, 91!) it is also SUPER cute! The mint or tangerine colors might be my … Continue reading Heart-tastic Slideshow Template

Book Review

This book is an exceptional tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. Too often, supposed experts on Poe succumb to the trope of portraying him as an unhinged, drug abusing, alcoholic facing one horrendous plight after another. That ends up being the only story we ever hear. What a disappointing way to depict one of the most … Continue reading Book Review

Are You Teaching in 2020?

I keep seeing posts about not buying a 2020 planner, and a good one yesterday was, “I’m not buying a 2021 planner until I see the trailer.” I thought that was hilarious, but so true. Then I thought about it as I looked through my 2020 planner, collecting dust on my desk. There are still … Continue reading Are You Teaching in 2020?

Distance Learning… Again?

Are you staring down the barren hallway of another school year (or semester) spent distance teaching? If we try to look on the bright side, at least this time we’ve had a little chance to prepare – sort of. I remember way, waaaay back in April thinking our extended spring break felt like it would … Continue reading Distance Learning… Again?


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