Book Review

This book is an exceptional tribute to Edgar Allan Poe. Too often, supposed experts on Poe succumb to the trope of portraying him as an unhinged, drug abusing, alcoholic facing one horrendous plight after another. That ends up being the only story we ever hear. What a disappointing way to depict one of the most … Continue reading Book Review

Morning Menu – Homeschooling on the Fly

I love education. I love planning out lessons to stimulate my students' minds. I love the moment when students and goals merge into one well educated successful outcome - I love--- Wait a second.... Not every lesson works quite like that. Let's get real people. There's a reason our country is always in a jam … Continue reading Morning Menu – Homeschooling on the Fly


Can we talk soap for a minute? With all of the hand washing lately, it's become more important than ever to use a gentle yet cleansing soap. In my case this is especially true. I get severe eczema and skin that dries out so bad it will crack and bleed. Washing dishes only adds to … Continue reading Soap