The Last Kids on Earth

I can’t express enough how fantastic this book series is. Kids that read picture-less novels, kids that want more pictures in their books, and adults that want some entertainment as they read with their kids will ALL be happy with this title. There’s no doubt in my mind this amazing series will be on Netflix for seasons to come.

We’ve been excitedly reading this book series for years, always more eager for the next installment than the last. So, when we heard Netflix had picked it up as a multi-season series we freaked out! We’ve watched all the episodes out so far and can’t get enough. Of course the show can’t possibly replace the beauty of sharing the book together before bed at night, but it is definitely entertaining.

To read an exclusive interview (from January 2020) with the author, Max Brallier, go here.

For a slightly older article, still with great info, go here.

Coffee with a kick? Sign me up!

I am always ready to try a new brand of coffee, brewing method, or mixture so long as I get caffeinated in the process. My newest adventure is with Revv brand coffee. I believe they may be a Keurig owned or operated company. (This is not a sponsored post). Regardless, it’s delish!

I take my coffee bold and dark, no citrus tones or bitterness. It’s best, in my opinion, when it’s nutty or smokey. I clearly need to up my coffee vocab because I struggled to put words to the flavor I look for. When it comes to what I add in my coffee, I’m a pretty simple person. I just add maybe a tablespoon worth of either almond milk, whole milk, or half & half, though I wish wish wish I could handle taking it black. Life would be easier… And there’d be fewer calories.

Revv Coffee is a great brand to try if, like me, you like a “savage mug” to start your day 😉

Children’s Books for Summer

The written word is a magical thing. It can transport you anywhere. The only limit is your own imagination. Young children are especially gifted at fully immersing themselves in fictional worlds. They are truly inspiring in that way. My kids, now in middle school, loved having me tell them stories when they were younger. The three little Pigs was always a favorite. Eventually, after hearing a thousand times, they wanted a new story. So, I gave their old stand-by a twist.

In my rendition of the classic fable, the Pigs are beach loving siblings that out wit Wolf. Along the way they build bachelor pads and make protein shakes. Kiki, Hank, and Marlon are a fun-loving crew of surfing pigs that like to soak up some rays and have a good time. My kids ate it up! Now you too can share this modern re-telling with the little surfers in your life.

This book is available anywhere books are sold, but I always suggest you shop local whenever you can. Stay tuned for more adventures from Kiki, Hank, and Marlon.

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